Mental health & wellness

The path to better mental health is easier than you think

Our person-centered approach to treatment & wellness helps improve & maintain mental health through psychiatric treatment, life coaching, nutrition education, exercise, and IV therapy.

Begin your journey towards a better life.


How can we help ?

btr. Mental Health & Wellness in Los Angeles can help with a number of conditions that you may be facing.


Anxiety & mood shifts are a part of life, but when they disrupt our ability to function, can be overwhelming.

Unhealthy Patterns

We often fall prey to unhealthy loops in our daily lives which weighs down our mental and emotional health.


Surviving trauma can make life feel like it has halted. Moving forward may seem like a struggle.

Life Goals

Everyone has dreams but not everyone can turn them into life goals and navigate constructive ways to achieve them.

A person-centered approach means we take the time to listen. Our comprehensive evaluation can be your first step to restore & maintain wellness.

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Medication Management
& Beyond

Psychiatry medication management is a dynamic and person-centered process aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes in the treatment of mental health disorders. It requires ongoing communication, careful monitoring, and a collaborative approach to address the complex needs of each client.


Trauma therapy services are dedicated to providing a safe, empathetic, and supportive environment where individuals can work through their trauma, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and rebuild a stronger sense of self.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a structured, evidence-based treatment aimed at helping individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. CBT provides a collaborative and goal-oriented approach to therapy, equipping individuals with the tools they need to achieve lasting change and improve their overall mental well-being.

IV Vitamin Therapy
& Nutrition

Part of healing the mind is what goes into the body. Customized treatment plans tailored to address specific deficiencies and support mental health goals. IV vitamin therapy for mental health provides a direct and effective method to enhance nutritional support, potentially improving mood, cognitive function, and overall mental health.

Our goal is to help you meet your optimal potential and maintain your strength and wellbeing — through counseling, psychoeducation and medication if needed.